Chickens are the easiest pets you will ever have

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    Chickens are the easiest pets you will ever have. They can eat your kitchen scraps and clean your yard of bugs, reducing the cost of commercial feed to a few bucks a month. Your time commitment will be 5-10 minutes per day to check on them, feed them, and change their water every few days. About once a month, you also need to spend a couple of hours cleaning their coop area, shoveling out old bedding and manure into your compost bin or compost tumbler, then replacing it with some sawdust, straw, or shredded paper. That’s about it! Keeping chickens is pretty simple. To get started with chickens, you need to know the basics of how to buy or build a coop, the proper space requirements for your coop and run area, and a few additional items you will need such as feeders and waterers (all are available for only a few dollars at local farm stores, pet stores, or online)


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