Hatchling eggs in an incubator

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  1. Raising Chickens

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    So why would anyone bother hatching eggs in an incubator when hatchlings are so readily available from local breeders, farm stores, and mail order? Here are some of the many reasons:
    • You wish to maintain a sustainable flock that acclimates to your particular locale
    • You are working to restore an endangered breed
    • Your chosen breed may not feature reliable setters or good mothers
    • Your facility’s conditions may not encourage broodiness
    • Local wildlife or household pets may disturb the hens’ nests
    • You may wish to keep your hens laying, which stops when they start setting
    • You are trying to produce the perfect show bird
    • You want to raise hatchlings outside the normal brooding season
    • You want more hatchlings than your hens are able to hatch
    • You are seeking a fun and educational activity for your children or students

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  2. Emma Cardona

    Emma Cardona New Member

    I love hatching my chicks I get to watch them from being hatched to maturing to a adult chicken.
  3. Patricia Kephart

    Patricia Kephart New Member

    I want to make a small incubator to hatch a few eggs.
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  4. Alicia wells

    Alicia wells New Member

    We just hatched our first batch of chickens. The feeling is best described as like a kid on Christmas. ❤️
  5. Bonnie Chavera

    Bonnie Chavera New Member

  6. Bonnie Chavera

    Bonnie Chavera New Member

    My beautiful 3 lavender orpington, 4 leghorn hens, and 5 golden comets were murdered by the neighbors dog who broke down our fence and into the coop in the middle of the night. I took the offspring and incubated them. 2 days ago they were born. They are all so cute and speckled. Looks like a pen exploded in there lol. My friend who gave me the orpingtons still had 1 rooster and hen so I am incubating 6 orpington eggs currently
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  7. Amy Gray

    Amy Gray New Member

    Me myself, my girls go broody, almost to much lol there is NO replaceing a momma hen. She teaches them more than I ever could. They become more birds!
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  8. Samantha

    Samantha New Member

    We were given a few eggs for “my kids to hatch” and here I am trying to educate myself

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