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    The coop The main purpose of a chicken coop is to protect the hens from harsh weather, keep them away from predators, and a place to nest and lay eggs. You can choose to buy or build a coop. Buying is relatively more expensive than building one. If you already have some wood, metal, milk crates or plastic scraps around your home, then building your coop will be easy and cheap. You could also build one from bricks or wood pallets. If you have any construction going on in your neighborhood, you could try asking if they have any wood scraps or damaged materials and build your coop from them. If you can’t build it yourself, you could hire someone to build it for you. There are a few considerations to make when deciding on the best coop, whether buying or building. These are mostly dependent on the chicken’s needs, your own preferences and the area you live in. Hens are a hardy animal and will survive in a wide range of conditions, some breeds do better in certain climates then others. They will only need a few things to stay happy and healthy.


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