Why are post on the Facebook group keep getting removed?

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  1. Thomas Talbot

    Thomas Talbot New Member

    So I posted the same picture twice about meat birds and it was removed with no explanation. It did not violate any of the group rules, and was getting positive feedback. So what is the deal?
  2. GypseRse

    GypseRse New Member

    I posted a picture of a mound of straw from my ducks Coop and they blocked it because it had the word duck. They don’t review the posts personally. If it has key word that they use to “catch” posts against there standards, it will block it. You can’t even sell eggs because it’s an animal product. BTW, I was giving away the straw as mulch.

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  3. Raising Chickens

    Raising Chickens Administrator Staff Member

    i don't remove your post. But Sometimes Facebook remove posts and they show me these posts . what's your name on the group
    these is the lasts posts which Facebook removed

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