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  1. Stephanie Bauersachs
  2. Kaitlin Anna
    Kaitlin Anna
    Just got new chickens. I had 10 and we got 5 more. I’m new to the chicken world. Anybody have any advice?
  3. Dottie
    Returning member here! I have 10 Golden Comet hens, 7 months old and getting 9 eggs a day! Living in Western NC
  4. Latoshia williams
    Latoshia williams
    Good evening, new member from Texas. I recently started raising chickens for laying. Now I have 3 pullets and need advice on integration.
  5. Pamela James
    Pamela James
    New from Arkansas
  6. LAM
    Lovin Chickens
  7. Cymberfry
    Good morning! I am a teacher in Texas and obsessed with my chickens! I’ve had them for about 2 years now, but also grew up with chickens.
  8. Christine Speck
    Christine Speck
    Good morning ! I am new here .. have had chickens for about a year now and love them! I am in Vancouver Washington
  9. Mon McKenna
    Mon McKenna
    Just starting to learn. Want to start with a few hens for some fresh eggs. Lots to learn!
  10. EGHarrison
    First Time Farmer. Looking for Advice on Chicken Tending.
  11. krazychickengirl89
    Starting with 6 Cornish cross 3 black jersey giant 3 buff orpington
  12. Amanda Yoder
    Amanda Yoder
    New member and new chicken mom! I live in Texas. I have 2 buff orpington, 2 barred rock, 2 silver laced wyandotte, and 2 Easter eggers!
  13. Hailey McCubbin
    Hailey McCubbin
    New member, I’m from Missouri and I have buff orpingtons!
  14. Pamela James
    Pamela James
    Hello, new member. Arkansas, I have 20 Buff Orpingtons. First timer, got them back in March of 2020. kept me sane last year
  15. Sherylanne lopez
    Sherylanne lopez
    Just registered
  16. Amy Gray
    Amy Gray Raising Chickens
    Hello!! New member! Live in Indianapolis indiana. I have. 45 chickens. I love my birds.
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    2. Raising Chickens
      Raising Chickens
      welcome with us Amy
      Feb 6, 2021
  17. Amy Gray
    Amy Gray
    New member here. I live in Indianapolis indiana, I have 45 chickens. ( Of wich 13 are roosters.6 are babies and need homes.
  18. Dolores Cobb Phifer
    Dolores Cobb Phifer
    Retired.Long time since my high school Poultry Science classes.Very interested in the Critically Endangered Livestock Poultry species.
  19. Connie McKinney
    Connie McKinney
    Just joined and ready to learn all I can.
  20. Jodi
    Hello! Just registered!
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