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  1. Pamela James
    Pamela James
    Hello, new member. Arkansas, I have 20 Buff Orpingtons. First timer, got them back in March of 2020. kept me sane last year
  2. Sherylanne lopez
    Sherylanne lopez
    Just registered
  3. Amy Gray
    Amy Gray Raising Chickens
    Hello!! New member! Live in Indianapolis indiana. I have. 45 chickens. I love my birds.
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    2. Raising Chickens
      Raising Chickens
      welcome with us Amy
      Feb 6, 2021
  4. Amy Gray
    Amy Gray
    New member here. I live in Indianapolis indiana, I have 45 chickens. ( Of wich 13 are roosters.6 are babies and need homes.
  5. Dolores Cobb Phifer
    Dolores Cobb Phifer
    Retired.Long time since my high school Poultry Science classes.Very interested in the Critically Endangered Livestock Poultry species.
  6. Connie McKinney
    Connie McKinney
    Just joined and ready to learn all I can.
  7. Jodi
    Hello! Just registered!
  8. Crystal J Jones
    Crystal J Jones
    Hello everybody!
  9. Jessica Starr
    Jessica Starr
    Just call me the crazy chicken lady
  10. Stephanie Hunt
    Stephanie Hunt
    New here, hoping to get chickens in the spring. Gathering info now and getting my coop ready.
  11. Katiekelley
    Hello everyone! Just joined! :)
  12. Kimberly Deblasio
    Kimberly Deblasio
    Excited to check out this site. Found you on Facebook.
  13. David Houle
    David Houle Raising Chickens
    Thanks for having me here. I’m in deer park wa.
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    2. Raising Chickens
      Raising Chickens
      welcome with us david
      Dec 31, 2020
  14. Holley Waller
    Holley Waller
    Holley I need to know how to stop a hen from wanting to sit
  15. Quillspirit
    Greetings from Facebook. Shawn Mann
  16. Vanessa54
    Just joined! I’m excited to learn new things!
  17. Karmoni
    Just joined! I'm a soon to be chicken mom, so I'm needing to learn as much as possible.
  18. Fluffy Butt Mom
    Fluffy Butt Mom
    My hen sound like she’s getting laryngitis and I know she can’t & doesn’t have any other symptoms & seems like her normal self. What is it?
  19. StephanieR
    Hi. My 4 month Silkie roo, Suede, is very sweet. He dances for me everyday, but he also bites me everyday. Why & what can I do about it?
  20. Paul
    New here - could someone advise me how high the fence to our chicken run should be so that the birds can't escape? Thanks!